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  1. Is there a beta version and if so how do I download it? When I open a pdf to annotate it is blurry. I am so tired of this.
  2. I think it is clear to anyone on this thread that it is being worked on. The issue is not whether it is being worked on. The issue is with what urgency and ETA. That you posted workarounds is helpful to those new to the thread. I didn't quote and comment on you posting a workaround. Paying users are fully entitled to whine about Evernote's poor customer service (in this case). Consistent "whining" and complaining does actually often times get companies to work faster. Customer sentiment matters. Also, as you said, this is a "user forum". Where else can users vent, if not here? P
  3. 1) The responsibility lies with Evernote to keep up with Apple. This is what the Sierra beta process is for. If they can't keep up, they shouldn't be in the software business, or at least in this part of the software business. 2) "Your understanding" is totally unhelpful to us. What we all need are results, and Evernote would do well to provide official updates on this forum. You've already commented this is a "user forum" but it is also an Evernote hosted forum and "customer service" is location agnostic. Evernote is lucky in that it seems their users are both very patient and witho
  4. Is there any way to revert back to an old version? I am in class for 12 hours a day for the next 5 days and lack of annotation is hugely disruptive.
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