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  1. Can we please have this feature for the online edition as well? I use linux and I do not have a mac or windows version of linux
  2. As the title says and as the picture shows.
  3. I definitely agree. Other than offline access and syncing devices, all the other features are completely useless to me. I would love to pay for Evernote to help them survive but I feel cheated having to pay so much for features I definitely do not care about. It seems to me that the pricing plans were based on usage for corporate business usage that had high volumes of emails and notes for meetings. I use Evernote for personal use to organize my research and my projects and definitely do not mind paying $35 a year as long they are for features that I care about like annotating pdf and searching through pdfs. Features like higher upload caps, customer support, and email support are not what I need. I paid for this year begrudgingly but I am overall very angry and am very likely to leave after the year is over.
  4. Yes, please!! I would love a way to add well-styled mathematics into notes. A markdown language like 'Latex" would be perfect!!
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