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  1. I love Evernote, I use it for taking notes in my college classes and clipping study material. I used to use it on my work laptop, my home desktop, and my phone, but the recent limit to only 2 devices means no more phone. No biggy. I would be happy to pay for Evernote to allow that extra access, but there simply isn't enough features to justify paying. If there were more note formatting options, such as the ability to have text or paragraph styles, or more advanced bulleting or numbering, or graphs/charts, than maybe i'd pay. Anyway I digress. onto the feature request: As I mentioned I use Evernote to take notes for school. Usually when I pop it open I'm wanting to get right to work. The popup saying there's an update available is very obnoxious. It seems like any time I open Evernote I'm having to update it. This disrupts my train of thought, and stops me from being able to get right into a note. I understand it does not prevent you from simply saying "later" and proceeding, but having a popup interrupt you from opening the program is very annoying. It would be much less annoying to have an icon light up in all of the Evernote windows, possibly even pulse, signifying there's an update, or at least an option to disable the popups and notify there's an update with a system notification. I hope you guys add more functionality in the future like heading classes and such, I'd love to pay for an account, but as it stands there's no real benefit to paying.
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