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  1. When I spend a lot of time making a matrix or table of so many rows and columns of fixed widths to make copies of, to then fill in the blank cells, the "Fixed Content" formatted cells should be able to be locked so that when I reopen them on the Desktop version (Mac OS) or the Smartphone version (iOS) they all are identical (isn't that the whole idea bending cross platform support??) and the formatting that I have painstakingly created is not only retained, but also locked and unable to be changed, and only the blank cells can have text entered into them. Perhaps Im expecting a Note taking app to act like a input accepting forms application or database input form, but whats the point of being able to create Tables when they end up all screwed up every time you open them? I've been told to make them shared notes, but I am not sharing anything with anybody, I am the sole user. If that will fix the problem great, but what a kludge solution begging for a better solution. I've been told to use Excel or Word to create the Tables. So why have a Table making function if it doesnt work, effectively making a a beta tester of the Table functionality?
  2. I see to be having the opposite problem most users are having.
    My Evernote (6.9.1) running on a Mac Book Air running Mac OS 10.11.6 (El Capitan) seems to autostart on reboot even though I have never set that option to happen.
    I toggle the setting reboot and the same thing happens over and over every time i reboot.
    How do I stop this behavior?

    1. kgg


      Hi John,

      Apologies, I somehow missed this message from you. Are you still experiencing this issue on Version 6.9.2? Just to be clear, you are referencing the "Open Evernote when I login to my computer" within the Evernote for Mac Preferences or are you referring to the "Open at Login" when you right click an application in the Mac Dock?

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