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  1. Hey! I already reported the annotation issue and found another bug. I don't know if it's reported yet. When I clip a PDF on iOS or Windows the pdf get's fully loaded in the note. It also shows on my Mac. When I clip a PDF on macOS Sierra this happens: http://i.epvpimg.com/CPAcb.png It seems the PDF wasn't fully loaded to the note. When I double-click it says the PDF is broken. AHHHHH! HELP! I got my Mac like 5 days ago and I tried Evernote like 5 days ago too and immediately chose the premium version. However I didn't know there would be so many bugs with macOS Sierra. Sadly it's not possible to downgrade the OS anymore cuz Apple deleted the download from the AppStore and I also have no backup. I really need Evernote for the university.
  2. Staff said that the issues are fixed soon. But I get you.. Since we are paying much money for that application we expect a better service.
  3. Sadly we have to report this.. Don't you test your updates before you push them?
  4. Annotation under Mac OS Sierra is broken. Please patch this fast - I really need that for the university.
  5. Same issue. After updating to Sierra it shows the function to annotate but it's not working. I'm selecting the marker, but nothing is happening when I click on the pdf. Issue came after updating the OS. (Evernote Premium)
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