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  1. Hi, I'm new to this forum, although I've been a loyal Evernote premium customer for 6 years. Last week while preparing an important lecture in a note to be presented in presentation mode, all of the images simply disappeared! It happened just a couple of hours before i was due to present. Nothing I did could retrieve the lost data. Incredible. I always assumed I was backing up to the cloud in evernote and that all my stuff was safe. This has come as a shock. Even more shocking was the attitude of Evernote. I appreciate that the guys who give assistance have a thankless task, but really this was more than an 'inconvenience' as it was described. I was told that the technicians would examine my activity logs and find out what happened. But I haven't heard anything yet.That's all i want at this stage as all the images are gone forever as far as I can tell. I can see from this forum that his has happened to other people too. How can I avoid this ever happening again? The most bizarre part was the fact that there was no history of the note on either my laptop or my iPhone. I've been a huge advocate of evernote for years but this has truly shaken my confidence. Does anyone there not realise the consequences for individuals when something like this happens. Universities are not interested in lame excuses about an Evernote failure. It could turn out to be very costly.
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