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  1. SVHOODS, Did you ever attempt to get Evernote's Siri Shortcuts working on your Apple Watch? I noticed in the Shortcuts Gallery that there is a shortcut called "Add New Note from Watch" but it doesn't seem to work. The script/recipe doesn't appear to contain anything that would allow for dictation or access to an Apple Watch. Any experience?
  2. Interestingly, last night at 10pm (pacific) time, the search -reminderTime:day+1 did not include any reminders set for any time "today" but did include reminders set for 12:00am "tomorrow". This morning at 5am (pacific) time, -reminderTime:day+1 does include all overdue (including all reminders from yesterday) and those due today, including those due at 12:00am this morning. Upshot, is that for some reason it appears that the time of day the search takes place matters. I'll try the search at 10pm tonight again to see what shows up.
  3. Right. I'm looking for overdue and due today. this string... reminderOrder:* -reminderTime:day+1 -reminderDoneTime:* .....is resulting in overdue, due today and due tomorrow. I've attached a screen shot where you can see (most of the string you propose) and one of the notes that's due tomorrow.
  4. Shucks nope. That string is generating overdue, due today AND due tomorrow.
  5. I'm trying to create a search string that generates only reminders overdue and due today. -reminderTime:day+1 generates reminders overdue and due today and due tomorrow. -reminderTime:day+0 generates reminders overdue (only). So if +1 gives me overdue, today and tomorrow and +0 gives me overdue, how can I get only overdue and due today?
  6. Here's how I remove items from the context menu: System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts (tab at the top) > Services (in the list on the left) > From Services, deselect the items you do not want to appear in context menus.
  7. Funny, I had just found your scripting post when the alarm when on for this post. ? Awesome. I'll dive into all this. Thanks again for the great help here. Much appreciated.
  8. Well, I'm now able to set times to 00:00 on the Mac client. Turns out you lead me to it, set Mac time format to 24 hour and hours format to 00-23. So that's done - sincere thanks for getting me there! Doesn't look like the feature request I've made (allowing for all day reminders within Evernote so I'll start exploring creating a script. Don't want to ask for more from you - you've been great! but any tips on that front would be most welcome. Again, thanks for all the help!
  9. Thanks for that. Never had the need to change the date formats but happy to know how if needed. Now, back to the issue at hand... Any ideas re what I might look for to get Evernote for Mac Version 7.5.2 (457164 Direct) to accept 00:00 as a valid time w/o reverting to the 08:00am default? Note: I've found that the Evernote web will hold the 00:00 time which is good but won't help my workflow. Incidentally ,noted that setting to 00:00 on the web app simply sets the reminder for 12:00am which doesn't achieve my goal of showing reminders as "All Day" events on my calendar.
  10. That would suit my needs for sure in Mac. Unfortunately, on my Mac, when I change time to 00:00 it automatically reverts to 08:00 every time. Won't hold the 00:00. I'm using Version 7.5.2 (457164 Direct) and MacOS Mojave 10.14. (Also, FWIW noted that the date format in your screen shot above is not available in my Evernote preferences.) Any ideas?
  11. Thanks DTLow. On MacOS and iOS clients does not appear that we're able to set a reminder with time 00:00. Any ideas how to accomplish that?
  12. I'd like the ability to set a reminder for a specific day without setting the hour:minute for that reminder. I use reminders as "tasks". Nearly all of my tasks are set by day rather than hour:minute. Such a feature would all user to use third-party apps like Cronofy's Evernote Calendar Connector to see reminders as "All Day" events which would make them much more legible in various calendar clients.
  13. MacOS Mojave 10.14 Context menu is broken "Add to Evernote" is replaced by "ENApplicationServiceMenuItemTitle".
  14. Working for me now. Not beta. Version 6.13.3 (455969 Direct) See screen shot below.
  15. EN Mac Version 6.13.1 (455785 Direct) I did find something that gave me a little hope (at least for creating an internal link to a note shared via Work Chat) but it appears to be a dead-end (at least in my experience). Would be interested if anyone else has luck with it. Here goes: Open note shared with you in Work Chat Click on "Share" button in upper right corner of note window Click on "More Sharing" button in lower left of dialogue box Click "Copy Internal Link" TRY to paste the copied Internal Link into a note in my Notebook. (For me this results in nothing. Nothing is pasted to the note in my Notebook.) Based on the structure It seems like EN's intent is to (at least) make internal linking to a note shared in Work Chat possible, but even then, the workflow is broken at the copy/paste step. Thoughts? Ideas? Better experiences?
  16. I cannot (EN Mac 6.13.1 direct) get this method to work (now). In my experience, the resulting note, saved to receiver's Notebook, is not a shared (active mutually editable) note. Any ideas?
  17. Yes, periodically having this issue as well.
  18. Agree. This one is critical. ajmswright's request has been made countless times before in other forums and it's not happened thus far. While I do want/need that feature, right now I'd settle for getting titles back on printed documents (which we had before the latest version!) Now all I get when I print is a line at the top of the page below where the titles (should?) used to be! Please EN team, please, please at least this back to there it was in 6.12.x!
  19. Sincere thanks for that accountability. (I do appreciate it.) Happy to stand corrected on that front.
  20. Oh Lord, Just had to share this one in the spirit of the rest of the discussion and heck, perhaps others of you have been fighting this too. I have two Macs both running OS 10.13.1 and both running EN 6.13*. Today realized that I could open links to Mac filepaths in notes on one machine and not the other. After a bunch of research that yielded not much, I realized that one Mac was running EN 6.13 direct* (in which filepaths work) while the other was running EN 6.13 App Store (in which filepaths DO NOT currently work). Once I ditched the App Store version and reloaded direct version, I was once again able to open links to Mac filepaths. Arg. Oh Evernote, how you test my sanity sometimes. I find it laughable that I have to change my workflow depending on the source of the current version I happened to have downloaded on a particular machine.
  21. Found the solution. Realized that one Mac was running EN 6.13 direct (in which filepaths work) while the other was running EN 6.13 App Store (in which filepaths DO NOT currently work). Oh Evernote, how you test my sanity sometimes.
  22. The file sharing & permissions for all files are the same on both Macs. So that I don't confuse the issue, let me say it this way: The Macs are identical in setup, both running same versions of MacOS, EN and Google Drive. On one Mac ANY finder filepath can be opened from within EN, on the other Mac NO finder filepath can be opened from within EN. Ideas?
  23. On one of my Macs (both running MacOS 10.31.1 and EN 6.13) I can copy/paste and open a file path. On the other I get this message: <The application “Evernote” does not have permission to open “COA Finance Agenda 11.14.2017.docx.”> Any ideas on how to give Evernote permission>?
  24. Thanks. I can get it to go away by refreshing (opening another notebook etc..) or full exit and restart... but it returns. Can replicate repeatedly on both MacBook 2017 and MacBook Pro 2016
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