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  1. Ok - I did go ahead and install Sierra and once I did that with a cold reboot to top it off, the update through Snap Scan Manager did in fact have the update available and I did install it. I did see your earlier post about it being a Sierra update only but I really didn't want to update until I knew for sure it was available. However I made a leap of faith and it worked. Thanks for your posts.

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  2. 56 minutes ago, EdH said:

    The official status of the Fijitsu ScanSnap drivers for all products is here as it relates to macOS Sierra, including links to the downloads for updated drivers.

    EdH - my question for you is that the downloadable update files are for the Fujitsu version of Snap Scan Manager with different version numbers than the Snap Scan Manager for Evernote. I am concerned about updating one version with patches from a different version. We used to call this version hell as there is no telling what might happen (at least in the Windows world). Did you have the Snap Scan Manger for Evernote and update with the patch for the Fujitsu version?

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