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  1. Yay!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, ugh. I am, I think, about to be thrilled. The last problem I need to clear up is that my top Note has an old version, beneath that a message saying "Conflicting modification on October 21, 2016 at 11:40:59 am". And beneath that a newer version of the same Note. Hopefully that is an easier problem to solve; I'm going to try just deleting that particular Note and then pasting the (desired) contents into a new one. My fingers are crossed, and thanks so much for passing along this information; I don't think it would ever have occurred to me to just try again and see if
  2. I cannot find a way to delete the box where I was quoting myself. It was a mistake but I haven't figured out how to get rid of it. OK, thank you DTLow, I have verified that if I open iPad, then open Safari, then go to the Evernote website, then transfer to the Desktop version of the Evernote website and make a change to a Note, it will in fact update that Note on the PC Desktop. That isn't sarcastic; my appreciation for your assistance is sincere. But it kind of defeats the simplicity which drew me to Evernote in the first place -- make a change on a Note on the iPad desktop and it
  3. Oh, OK, I wasn't clear that there were two different websites. I can also get to the Desktop web page using Safari on the iPad. I am not sure what good this does me however, because even from there it doesn't sync back over to the actual Note on the Desktop. I now have THREE different versions of the same Note -- the one on the Windows Desktop, the one on the iPad app itself (PARTICULARLY not helpful because the error message keeps popping up over and over again and obliterating half the content on the screen) and the one on the Evernotes server when accessed from the iPad. Which sort of s
  4. Yes, I can get to www.evernote.com using Safari. The page I end up on is asking me to download it even though the program is already installed, but I have no problem getting to the website.
  5. Sorry about that DTLow; here you go. applog.txt
  6. I had not used the "Contact Evernote Support" route because my understanding was, that as a user of Evernote Basic, the only support I am eligible to receive is through the Community Forums. This was confirmed just now when I followed the link you provide above, since "Community" is the only choice available to me. The other two options give me the choice to Upgrade in order to receive Chat or Email Support, but that is not feasible for me since the Basic functionality meets all of my needs and it makes no sense for me to start paying for additional features which I neither want nor need.
  7. Thanks DTLow yes, I should have mentioned that. I totally shut down and rebooted the iPad too. Problem was not fixed. I think I also left out that I uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote and that did not fix it either.
  8. I am having essentially the same problem. My primary use of Evernote is on the Windows Desktop but I switched from another software package so that I could easily sync the information with the iPad. The process went smoothly until day before yesterday when I started getting the message: "Unable to Sync - Unable to connect to the Evernote Service. Please try again later." I have “tried again later” for more than 2 days now; nothing has changed. I have gone through the troubleshooting steps one-by-one. I am pretty much always connected to the Internet via Home Wifi.
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