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  1. Hello Evernoters Thank you for your product! After talking to many of my colleges at work and in church, I have decided to not be lazy and speak up. Please consider this to be the voice of approximately 130 people that shared the same idea. When discussion started about the Evernote, there were many ideas thrown in, but there were two main that were repeated across many and I have decided to highlight them here. Adding them in "Agile Jira story style" As a user I would like to add and search Inline Comments Users would like to highlight consecutive words from the note in evernote and comment on them. Users would like to be able to expand and collapse comments. For example: Wondered How you can add/type Date and Time by using VBScript Sendkeys? In this sentence user would like to highlight VBScript with green color and add a comment stating that VBScript is finishing it reign days etc. Later user should be able to search and find posted comment. During the search he would be presented with the option to search content highlighted in green or other color, also search inline comments along with note itself. This feature was mostly requested by bible readers who read and record their thoughts. Sometimes they would like to search for their own comments made in the past. Or read their own comments when they will cross same scripture passage again. As a user I would like to see calendar with the days colored in different color if I created a new post on that day. This feature was requested primarily by those who keeps the diary and those who like to have visual representation of their contributions. I can create muck ups or answer more questions if description above is confusing. Please contact me via the email. Leo.
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