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  1. Hi Ditsy. I am always nervous about recommending apps as they often don't work the same for different people, and because so many seem to know when I recommend them and cease working for me! But I use Scanbot on Android which does OCR (I know you don't need that, but I do!), saves in pdf, and automatically uploads to evernote. It has automatic and non-auto modes, and can be set to multi- or single-page. It seems fussier than evernote in bossing the user to get the correct distance, but it probably produces better output as a result - I have not done a side by side comparison. It doesn't feel quick at uploading, however (turning ocr off might assist this); it uploads in the background. I can't remember if I paid for it originally. I'm not sure about the natural image colour removal. Hope this helps. Guy
  2. Thank you very much Gazumped for putting so much time and effort into helping me. Yes, it works! Touching the image at the bottom of the screen does bring up a menu allowing me to choose the format. I don't think I had seen that menu before. If EN are monitoring this conversation, it would be nice to be able to choose multi-page PDF as the default setting. Thanks again. I wonder how many other EN functions I have not discovered yet! Guy
  3. Thanks, but settings doesn't give me the option to select pdf (screen print attached). I do appreciate your help with this! But I think I will switch to a dedicated scanner app and see how I get on. Guy
  4. Thanks again, but I take the pictures with Evernote following the exact same process described in your link. But it saves them as jpg, not PDF. I can't convert to PDF because they all have the same file name, picture.jpg, which means I can't download them or copy them until I have renamed each one. How do I tell EN to save multiple scans to a single PDF? I bet this is easy and I will feel embarrassed when you tell me, but I can't find the option! Thanks Guy
  5. Thank you. I put it in Windows because I was using my PC to copy the documents from EN to email. How do I 'scan the pics to a single PDF file' in EN? I have only been able to get it to scan to jpg. Thanks Guy
  6. Hi, What am I doing wrong? I have 15 sheets of paper which I wish to save in EN, and to send by email to a client. I scanned with EN Android (which produced jpg images), opened the note with EN Windows, Ctrl A to select all attachments, and drag to email. But it only takes the first image. Tried saving attachments, but again it only saved the first image, I worked out that the problem was that EN had given all images the same file name (picture.jpg), which seems to have confused everything. In the end my only workaround (being too lazy to scan them all again with different app) was to rename each image by right-clicking. Even this was made more laborious by Evernote flicking back to the top image after each rename action, so I had to count pages (each image looks very similar on the small preview window). Is there an easier way to scan and send multiple jpg images from one note (I mean a single note, not the EN competitor), or should I have saved each sheet to a separate note, which itself is a bit of a faff? Or is it better to use dedicated scanning app, and bypass the EN scanner? Many thanks for advice. Guy
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