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  1. Thank you @gustavgi, simple said "Shortcut lists depending on context". I could not agree with you more, link a note to saved search(es) is a very good addition. As of now, I am still in favour of Google when it comes to search. And Evernote add-in also shows some notes depending on search term on Google ( 2 to 3 notes showing on the right side ). I came across few Blogs mentioning how powerful Evernote search features, but still unable to leverage it regularly when we can not link the saved search from note body ( to include saved search in shortcut will mess-up my shortcuts arrange
  2. Dear @DTLow and @csihilling, Thanks for your prompt reply. Actually I have attached an image.. but yet getting approval from Admin. Anyway, below I upload an image for your reference. Sample of Shortcuts In my case, I can bring my work laptop home or whenever I need to travel. @csihilling: I'm not too sure I understand the feature. Is there somewhere a manual to use the synchronize at home / work? Thank you, Bill
  3. Dear Evernote, I love Favourites feature. However.. My favourites are getting super long, which getting pretty confusing to choose.. and I would need different favourites based on whether I am at Home or Office. Thank you. Bill
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