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  1. Hi, The option "Automatically select child tags" is enabled but it does not exactly do what I need. With this option enabled you will select all notes including those with childtags by clicking on a parenttag in the tag-overview-windows. I want the search bar to show me all notes with child tags when I am searhing for an parent tag.
  2. Dear Evernote-Team, When using a android or iOS device you can decide which notebooks will be downloaded for offline usage and which will be just usable when being online. I would love to have this feature in windows, too. My problem is that I am using evernote on my windows tablet and therefor I can't waste that much disc space on notes that I don't need at the moment.
  3. Dear Evernote-Team, In evernote you are able to organize your tags in mayor categories / lists and minor categories / lists. For example I am teaching physics and the tag "mirror" belongs to the category "reflection" which belongs to "geometric optics" which belongs to "physics". The problem now is that if I am searching for notes with the tag "reflection" I will not find the notes with the tag "mirror". For this purpose notes with the tag "mirror" would have to inherit the tag "reflection". Would be nice to see such a feature in the future.
  4. Oh, I see the problem here. When you are trying to open a file which was editet by a Windows-Store App before, evernote can't tell if the program which has edited the file last time is sill running and therefor evernote has to create a new copy to avoid the situation that two different program are working on the same file at the same time, right? Well, in this case why does evernote not just try do delete the existing files when it is forced to create a copy? If these file are still open in a program windows will prevent evernote from deleting these files (that's the user's fault!). If thes
  5. Hi gazumped, Thank you for your input. The problem with Drawboard is a special one, because it will create multiple attachment. When you open the "test.pdf" the first time evernote will create the "test.pdf" file in the attachment folder. The next time you open the file via evernote and edit it with drawboard evernote will create a second file named "test [1].pdf" and so on. When using Acrobat instead evernote will not produce multiple files, it will stick with the one "test.pdf" file.
  6. Dear Evernote Team, Drawboard PDF for Windows is an excellent way to compensate for the missing penultimate as windows user. There are just two problems: Drawboard need to be the standard PDF Reader. Otherwise changes done with Drawboard will not affect Evernote files. ( I have no Idea why...) Even when Drawboard is set as standard PDF Reader attachment-files will be handled not correctly. Whenever you open a file (for example a pdf) in evernote with Drawboard, edit it (for example mark something) and save it, evernote will produce a copy of the old not edited file in the att
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