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  1. It is the case of notes taking up a lot of space. Short of me getting a new computer I am not sure what to do. Why Evernote doesn't let you pic and choose what is on your computer is beyond me.
  2. com.evernote.evernote this file is stored in the Mac library. I have tried to see if there is a way to put this on a external drive and apparently there isn't a way. So annoying. I can't upgrade the hard drive on my 1700 Mac so that is the root of the issue. I am not buying a new computer.
  3. I need help with this bad. The Evernote file on my computer is 100GB and taking up nearly half of my 250GB available. Why no selective sync yet? I would put the data on an external hard drive in a heartbeat but for what ever reason the Evernote data has to be stored in the Mac library file. I also have to have the Evernote file on my computer b/c I use a Scansnap to collect data. Frustrating.
  4. I must say that I am glad that I didn't spend the extra 20% more for the Evernote Scansnap edition with this lack of support from Evernote. I remember when the Evernote market place was in existence and didn't take you to a link on amazon they bragged about the deep integration with Scansnap and how the software engineers from both companies worked very closely. Hmm, I guess that was just marketing BS and now the true story comes out. Hey we put our name on this to get money but we don't service it at all go to the people who made it and designed the hardware. Just my opinion. Glad the situation doesn't seem to be as bad as initially thought.
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