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  1. On Evernote for Mac, card views, I am unable to scroll through my notes. The view is constantly reset to the current note selected (e.g. usually the most recent note, depending on sorting). It's therefore impossible to view or retrieve an older note which is not in the viewable screen, without switching to another view (e.g. snippets). This behaviour occurs in the card view and expanded card view.
  2. You can customise the toolbar on the Mac, but that button is conveniently not part of the toolbar. The 'toolbar', which can be customised, only contains a few things like sync status, alarms and a redundant additional button to create a new note. I can't believe someone thought this obnoxious green 'share' button was a good idea, and then doubled down by putting it somewhere that it can't be hidden or removed. It's one thing to have bad taste (taste is subjective, after all); it's another thing to force it on your customers. Do they really think that people are suddenly going to start sh
  3. Almost 2017 and it's still not possible to set the default time for Reminders.
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