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  1. Hello Brian, When using this workaround, Evernote periodically, but reliably, crashes. This occurred in both Beta 3 and in the 6.10 general release. Should I submit a support ticket? Thank you.
  2. Since the Beta 3 update, I can only use the page thumbnails to go to other pages to annotate, but now Evernote keeps crashing while annotating. Sending in a support ticket.
  3. Now another new problem has cropped up-- in the middle of annotating a multi-page PDF, Evernote crashes. I'm copying and pasting the problem report and sending as ticket to Evernote.
  4. What about the multi-page PDF scrolling and annotation issue that now seems to appear?
  5. Unfortunately even with the recently-released Beta 3, the annotation works only if I use the right-side pane to select a new page beyond the first to annotate. If I scroll down to a new page to continue annotating, it does not let me annotate-- or at least not reliably.
  6. Hi Brian, Thanks for this update. I noticed that 6.10 Beta 2 was available for download this morning. However, I am still only able to annotate on the first page of a PDF-- I can't annotate on any other pages. Please advise. Thank you.
  7. Likewise. Thought of Skitch as well but it behaves exactly the same as Evernote. I noticed that annotating JPEGs/images works fine, no issues, on Evernote with Sierra. I relayed this to Evernote's Technical Support team.
  8. Same issue for me. I put in a ticket with Evernote's technical team on this. I use PDF annotation for all of my textbook/homework readings, so I've had to resort to running Evernote for Windows using Parallels (not a cheap solution).
  9. Hi Bitterdude, I just upgraded to macOS Sierra last night, and now I can't annotate PDFs-- it barely works-- big problem since I Evernote for school. I submitted a support ticket. Keep me posted.
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