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  1. Sure this is what I am sending (using the ipad pro): When I send the file it looks like this to receiver: if I select "share" then "mail" on the ipad I get nothing at all: And if I select "share" and "Outlook" in an effort to email it I get this long link: which take the user to the "install evernote" overlaid on the note, the user can select the small font "open in browser" at the bottom if they linger long enough to find that, but I feel like the recipient shouldn't be hassled to sign up. Can evernote not embed the note or a .jpg or .pdf of the not in an email?
  2. I recently signed up for and then bought a premium subscription of evernote, so far I really like it but there is one problem I find to be a large issue. After I make a note I cant send that to my wife, co-worker, family with them first having to also go to evernote and sign up just to read the information I am sending them. Am I using this incorrectly? it seams like I should be able to send the contents of my note without the recipient being pestered to join my service.
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