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  1. I am an Evernote premium user. I use the app extensively for my Handyman business. This is the way I use it currently: Clients (notebook stack) Client 1 (notebook) Note 1 Note 2 Client 2 (notebook) Note 1 Note 2 It is my understanding that Evernote premium users are limited to 250 notebooks. I am on my second premium Evernote account in order to accommodate my current needs for Evernote. My second Evernote account is nearly full and I will need to open up a third account soon. I understand this is good for Evernote but it's horrible for me not only because of the cost but it a major pain to sign out of one account and sign into another account on my iOS device. Am I doing something wrong here? Or maybe Evernote just isn't the right thing for my business. Thanks, Danny
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