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  1. 8 years of using Evernote daily on Macs (more than 5500 notes ...). I've tried to update today to the latest version of Evernote desktop (but as I'm smart I've kept a copy of my "old" Evernote). It happens that he TABS are now gone !!!!!!! What the hell are you think at Evernote office ??? TABS are part of the workflow of Evernote, especially on a single screen laptop. I'm now back to the "old" (7.14) Evernote. Paying an annual 60€ and loosing TABS functionality is a total nonsense ... 🙄🤔
  2. I've just updated my phone (A5 2017) to Android 8.0.0 and Samsung Experience 9.0. Evernote still freezes and is still uber-slow. I can open one note, and then it freezes while opening an other note ... VERY SAD !!!!
  3. Updated yesterday too, many freezes too. The app is now uber-slow and is quite unusable for me on my phone. I'm a huge user of Evernote (around 5000 notes ...) and I'm REALLY SAD about that ... Samsung A5 2017 Android 7.0
  4. Why do you leave Mac OSX 10.9 users ??? Now I can't update to Evernote 6.9 because I won't update my Mac to Mac OSX above Maverick 10.9 (because of some music softwares not compatible with Mac OSX above Maverick 10.9)
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