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  1. 9 hours ago, gazumped said:

    Uninstalling the application as directed will not affect your database.  To be doubly sure,  copy your Databases folder (Tools > Options > General) to your desktop as a backup.  You should be keeping system / database backups on a regular basis anyway...

    Finally, I delete the tag which caused the trouble, and it synced successfully. Thank you, @gazumped

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  2. On 2016/11/30 at 1:02 AM, csihilling said:

    Only ways I can think of are manual.  If they were the only tag on the notes do a -tag:* search to find notes without any tags.  If there is any like text in the notes, search for that.  If there were other tags typically associated with the notes containing the tag, search those other tags.  Then re-tag as appropriate.

    If this happens again, hopefully not, tag all of the notes containing the tag or the duplicate tag with a new tag and sync on all platforms.  Then make sure all notes have the new tag on all platforms.  Then delete the tag and the duplicate tag and sync on all platforms.  Check that the tag and duplicate tag are gone.  Then you can rename the new tag to the old tag name if you like.  In this way you won't lose the notes associated with tag.

    Thanks for your suggestion. It really helps:)

  3. On 2016/9/23 at 5:48 AM, gazumped said:

    Hi.  Facebook tends to be a little possessive of its assets - and the owners of some pictures take them down themselves.  Evernote probably can't 'download' the full picture directly online,  so what you see is a direct link to the original.  The link may get broken when you're logged out of Facebook.  The way to keep the picture is to use screen capture - a 'snapshot' of all or part of the screen.  You may have to copy/ paste the URL too if you need it...

    Thanks for your reply. And next time I will take your advice to save new page.

    For the pages that I have already saved, could you tell me how to get these lost pictures back?

  4. When I use the hotkey "win-a" of evernote to clip some images on facebook, those pictures are stored and displayed in the note, although sometimes the image might be in the wrong place due to the original webpage layout.

    However, after a few days, those pictures are lost and only broken icon which is attached is displayed.

    Could anyone help me to solve this problem?


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