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  1. I formerly said that I uploaded, at the same time as this one, other three notes, attaching multiple files at each one. This 112Mb note is the bigger one (holding 42 files), but the second is a note with 73Mb and 26 files, and this one I can open any file at the phone without problems... I prefered to organize these files in a logical way, grouping them by themes... Spreading them in more notes will mess my organization...
  2. Thanks for your answer. But this is not a big 100+Mb note, but a note containing many files attached that totalize more than 100Mb... And sometimes I need to use one of these files in cellphone... And about free space, my phone have 32Gb total space, and more than 25Gb free! So, it´s not a space problem! I guess if there´s an Evernote phone client limitation over this limit...
  3. I create four different notes at my desktop and fill each of them with plenty of files. Three of them are ready to be loaded on my cellphone, but one of them can´t be seen there, just at desktop. Evernote shows an error message something like "We are unable to load the note at this device. Use Evernote on your computer to access it.". Sorry if I commit some mistake, because I use Evernote in Portuguese-Br, and I tried to translate the message back to English... Well, this note is the bigger one, 112Mb, but I have a Premium account, so I can upload notes 200Mb if I need... And this is not a problem at desktop! Can someone help me?
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