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  1. Hello Evernote team. I have read the announcement and FAQ and am not pleased. I don't want to repeat too much what so many others have tried to bring across here so far: many users, myself included don't trust Google. Sure you and your forum Gurus can argue as much as you like, but so far I haven't seen a single improvement that would be significant enough to rule out the general feeling of discomfort about your business partners. Furthermore, I was a paying customer exactly because I saw value in a company trying to build their own solutions, not one that outsources them to others. I believe that if you want to make a great impact you should control the underlying technology directly, and that includes your servers and server services. I am thoroughly disappointed to see you go the path of least resistance, the path of outsourcing and will start to look for alternative workflows and a replacement solution for Evernote. Bye, from a long time paying customer.
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