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  1. Started noticing that if I want to paste and match style, the command is disabled. Tried several times with different text copied. Started happening after Version 6.11 Beta 3 (454808 Direct) was installed. Happens on both Macbook Pros I have both running mass 10.12.3
  2. I just downloaded it on two machines. Titles now print. Glad the "feature" has been fixed or reinstated.
  3. I am not going to use a BETA. I am waiting for a fixed version. Meanwhile my work around is [1] to copy and paste the title into the body of the note [2] select the copied title, [3] enlarge the font to 18 point, [4] make it bold. [5] Print. Four more steps now then the 1 step prior. It is always re-assuring when a software company makes more work for its users then before. Plus all of the time spent posting to get this feature or remove feature reinstated.
  4. I pay for the service, which is paying for the app, which doesn't do what it used to do. I expect a working product. Not a beta. BTW. The web version prints titles.
  5. I saw the new update but ignored it until I get verification that this title issue is fixed. This has become an incredible waste of time for me. Evernote keeps adding stupid features and breaking things. Worse for me. The app is slow even on the fastest MacBook pro (mid-2015 maxed out video and process, memory). The slowness is in typing in titles. Always lags. Irritating. I sent in a report on that. Took several days for them to respond. Their suggestions didn't fix anything. Clearly something is wrong with Titles. Now (a month) printing those titles and continues time lag to fill in titles. On my Macbook Air it is the same thing, but overall the app is slower because it is an older computer. So why is it still slow on the fastest Mac? Because the app is SLOW. Not sure what I am paying for now. When a software company makes more work for me that is when I start looking for alternatives.
  6. Just got notification to download and install 6.9.1. Incredibly! Incredibly! Still does not print titles. I don't know what else to say.
  7. Actually this is happening on two of my Macs both on MacOS 10.11.6. One has the Evernote app store 453042 version the other Evernote 6.9 (453991 direct) Broken is broken. doesn't matter.
  8. Yes. exactly the same set up here. MacOS 10.11.6 and Evernote 6.9 from the App Store
  9. I'm still on MacOS El Capitan maybe that's the difference. The work around doesn't work. Open preview in PDF. There is no Title created in the preview. Actual print looks like what is in the preview. Tried Save as PDF. Same result.
  10. I am not even sure it was an option or a feature. When you printed a note, the Title was an automatic part of the printout. Notes have titles to the note. It is a crucial part of a note. Unless you like Untitled notes. This needs to be fixed.
  11. This is not a feature request. It was a simple option on printing that was available 5 days ago, that is now not working with this latest "update".
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