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  1. Thanks for sharing your process. I started with tags, but prefer the Notebooks for general organization. So I was trying to find a work around for easy review of things in specific notebooks that are waiting. Perhaps tagging with Waiting, and then a saved search for the Notebook which excludes them would be better.
  2. I'm trying to hone my GTD+Evernote rhythm. I'm trying to use something similar to David Allen's Evernote suggestions, rather than TSW. TSW's over-tagging was hurting my brain. SO, right now for example I have a Work and Home notebook, and as I complete those things and put them in my Cabinet notebook, or I need to move them to my Waiting notebook, I'm wondering if I can search within Cabinet/Waiting for notes that were previously in Work/Home? I'm trying to avoid tagging everything in Work with @Work, but it seems that when I move something to Cabinet, I then lose some information as t
  3. Curtis: THANK YOU for mentioning Cronofy! This is exactly the thing that I didn't know I needed! All: I've used Evernote for years, but mostly as a dumping station. As I am transitioned into a new job, I'm trying to do my task management via Evernote. I like the idea of TSW, but I often sit for a moment, struggling to think of which tags to use. I have a lot of large projects, and prefer to keep a large list of todos within the project note, as well as related notes and thoughts. I snagged the GTD PDF to see if it has some thoughts that might be helpful for me. I too didn't like h
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