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  1. I'm still having the problem on all my iOS devices - ipad pro and iphone 6. I can see the snippet of the content when I scroll through the list of notes but when I try to open the particular note, a blank page comes up with only the title of the note showing and the little Apple wheel going around as if something is loading but actually the app is frozen and will not allow anything else. Come on Evernote. This has been a problem for a long time. A critical problem.
  2. I have a Note that consists of two pages that I photographed using the Evernote camera feature. I want to attach the entire Note (both photographs - happens to be front and back of a document) to a reply in gmail. Using the instructions in earlier posts I am only able to drag and drop one page at a time, presumably because each page (each photo) is a file within the note. I know I can send the entire note via email directly from Evernote but I want my reply to remain as part of the ongoing email conversation in gmail. Essentially I want to be able to drag and drop the entire note. This mu
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