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  1. @EdH, What I want from them is more than an email telling me that the scanner I paid a good amount of money from them is having a problem that I could lose data from and to send me to a support page for the people who manufactured the scanner for them. That's unacceptable. If I purchase a rack of hard drives from IBM for my datacenter I don't want to have to deal with western digital - I want to address the problem with the company who sold me the product. Evernote should stand behind the product they branded and sold me and updated me directly, not just appear to pass the buck.
  2. I couldn't agree more. And the lack of Evernote support's comments in this thread underlines the exact issue you're stating. Even if they can't solve the problem directly, where is the manager who says we should communicate to our users of our products they purchased from us that we will keep them updated and how.
  3. This may be a Fujitsu software issue, but the Evernote branded scanner was sold by Evernote and should be supported by Evernote. Fujitsu isn't printed on the top of the scanner - Evernote is. Evernote should test the update and distribute it or make sure it is distributed to it's customers by sending them an email with a link in it - not just pass the buck and send an email saying if you upgrade you might loose data and send us to the general support page on the Fujitsu site. That's pretty weak. The site doesn't even list the Evernote edition on the scanners when you hit the drop d
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