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  1. EdH, thanks! One question though. There are fixes for the ScanSnap Manager and ScanSnap Organizer. What about files already in Evernote? I don't use the ScanSnap Organizer so how will they be repaired or handled? How does the organizer integrate with Evernote? Looking at the Fujitsu page on the ScanSnap Organizer, the Evernote version does not seem to be on the list.
  2. DTLow, it is not clear that this will not impact old scans (in fact it suggests that it does). If that is the case then the entire archive of scans inside Evernote could be corrupted and I don't see how Fujitsu would address it. This needs clarification immediately from one of them.
  3. It looks like this effects both new scans and old pre-existing scans. How is Fujitsu going to address the files on my disk living in Evernote? It seems like addressing that problem will have to be a solution coming from you. Are you planning an update to automatically fix all the problematic files?
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