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  1. Thanks - will do. Sorry for the distraction/hijack.
  2. Happy to start my own thread on this, but I just upgraded to 6.9 and freaked out when I re-opened. Most of my notes are written with the apple pencil on an iPad Pro, and the new version drastically distorts them when viewing those notes on my Mac. It's kind of a big deal. The reason I include it here is because it is related to note printing. When I go to print these same notes that are displaying as enlarged and skewed, to my horror it prints exactly as it displays in my Evernote window (as opposed to how I actually wrote or drew) when the note was created. Apologies if this I'm not adequately describing it. I'm a newbie in the forum. I've attached a screen capture of the problem below. Whether in this thread or another - HELP ME Evernote Team!!! desktop.tiff
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