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  1. Thanks a lot again for your time and assistance. I will do all that !
  2. Thanks a lot. I think the "sync log" is called "activity log" in French. I tried to make something out of it but it's just lots of code lines with a couple of English words in between. Doesn't make much sense to me... I have a Premium account. The two notes that won't sync are notes that I imported from old notes in Evernote. Could it be that when I imported them I didn't specify that I wanted them to be synched ? I have a vague memory of the software asking me whether I wanted this import to be this way or that way. Can't remember the specifics, unfortunately... If that makes any sense to you, would you know how to reverse that bad choice and authorize those two notes to sync ?
  3. OK, I just tried "see information about the note" (sorry, my Evernote is in French and I'm translating) and in the information window, it says "Sync status: will not be synched". Does it help ?
  4. Thanks a lot for the feedback. I'd like to take a look at that "sync log" you're mentioning. Where do I find it ? As for verifying if the sync work, after I made the big changes in the notes, I created a new note on another computer. That new note did appear fine on all my devices (iPhone, MacBook and iMac) but that was the only thing new I could see. The previous changes I had made where only appearing on the iMac I originally made them on. What I'm currently seeing on the Evernote app on my iMac is perfect and that's what I would like to see on all my other devices (and on the Evernote website). But it's not happening !
  5. Thanks again. I did sync manually. But it's been several hours now and the website is still not showing the changes. I've emptied the Trash too. When you suggest to empty the Trash on both devices, isn't there going to be a risk of conflict if I delete files manually in both Trash ? Isn't there a "master" and a "slave" one ? The master being the one where the changes are made first ? If I delete a note on my computer, isn't it going to be deleted on all devices that I use afterwards ?
  6. Hello, I just made big changes in several notes, erasing some and importing some, moving around a lot of data, several hundred megas. I then try to access my Evernote using the Evernote app on another Mac computer and the changes I have made are nowhere to be seen. Also, the changes are not appearing on Evernote.com. What is happening ? Is there a very long lag when a change is made ? How come my Evernote app is the only place where the changes are appearing and i cannot see them anywhere else ? Is it just a matter of time or should I do something to update the Evernote server and other devices ? Thanks for your assistance.
  7. Thanks a lot for your answer. You may have found the explanation with the conflicting changes idea. I also didn't know about the Note History, so I'm saved now ! I'm also asking customer service for an explanation. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks for your reply. I'm using Evernote on a Mac, version 6.9. I'm also using it on my iPhone (but I haven't in a long time). I checked my account on the Evernote website and it is the same. The attached files have disappeared on the website too. What do you suggest that I do ? Is there a way to get everything back the way it was ? Thanks.
  9. Hello, Big problem here ! This morning, on several different notes, all of the attached files (jpg, pdf) suddenly disappeared. I obviously didn't do anything to that effect. They just all disappeared. There were dozens of attached files. Can someone please explain this and is there a way to get them all back ? It would be a huge waste of time to go and re-upload all of these files... Is that something that happens with Evernote ? Has anyone already experienced this ?
  10. Thank you for your answer and your assistance. Is it always going to be a problem if two people work on the same note at the same time or does it depend on which part of the note they're working on ? Is there going to be a conflict no matter what or is it only a problem if they simultaneously work on the same part of the note ? To be more precise, does the conflict come from working on the same paragraph (i.e. one person is deleting words while the other is adding words in the same sentence) or does the conflict come from working on the same note ?
  11. Hello, I've had the same problem twice when me and my co-worker both were working on the same note and saved it at approximately the same time. As a result, my co-worker had that note duplicated on his Evernote, including a message that said it contained a conflict. On my Evernote, the note in question was duplicated too. Neither of us had the same note content in the place where we had made changes. I had my changes, and he had his. So my question is: how should we go about working together simultaneously on Evernote ? Is that always going to be a problem ? And how should we remove the duplicate file that appeared after the conflict ? Thank you for your assistance !
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