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  1. Hi.... I use Windows and many of my friends who encouraged me to start using Evernote use Mac. One of the 'Features' I loved about the Mac version was how the Notebooks displayed. With Window I have my 'Notebooks' in left panel but it is very very very limiting on how many levels deep I can stack therefore i end up with a lot of Notebooks. With the Mac version 'Notebooks' is listed in left panel but when you click on it all your Notebooks open up on the viewing panel. I am providing screen shoots of Windows and Mac. I would LOVE it is the Windows version of managing Notebooks was the same as the Mac version. Have the Notebooks set up like the Mac version would make it easier to manage multiple Notebooks and Notebooks with many subnotebooks. PLEASE!!! (If that is not possible now then at least let us stack muti-levels deep on a Notebook)
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