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  1. I'd love to see a solution for this need (links within notes that target to anchors within the note) for Evernote on a Mac. Any updates?
  2. CalS: how does this work? I've heard of PhraseExpress. Are you using the Evernote app on MacOS (or the website or some other version)? I'd love to know step by step how to make this work.
  3. Oh goodness, l I'd forgotten about this. If someone could get this feature to work, it'd be AMAZING and would totally change my workflows. I've stopped using Evernotes for a lot of things and have instead shifted to Google Docs for lists I'd rather keep & share in Evernote because of the lack of this very feature. I'm currently using the "outline" feature in Google Docs for this purpose. Fingers crossed that the power that be at Evernote builds this into their next release for Evernote on MacOS. :)
  4. I was never able to get it to work for me, might you have any times, Alejandro? :)
  5. Thank you, CoreParadox! Might I ask what you're using now? Also, I don't know how to install something like this-- how do I know whether to download the .exe or .jar? I'm on a Mac with OS X, if that helps.
  6. CoreParadox: I would LOVE to use this. I followed your link but there was a message about your ENIL being inactive. Can you share with me, please. This would make my life SO much easier. Thank you!
  7. Stella is support was emailing with me about this and told me to note here to "up vote" this issue, so here goes. It's really critical for users to be able to use the fonts we'd like on our iPhones -- I've been a Premium customer since 2010 and this is getting so frustrating that I'm thinking of switching to something else (maybe even... One Note as much as I'm not a fan of Microsoft). Evernote Dev folks, please help with our ability to choose fonts. Thank you
  8. I've been emailing with Stella & Twitter messaging with Dorothy about my frustrations with this situation for the past two weeks (they've both been super-slow to reply). In short, Web Clipper worked great for me on both Safari & Chrome on my old MacBook Air (and my premium Evernote account which I've had since 2010). Over the holidays I got a new MacBook Pro and though I was using the same version of Mac OS Sierra and the same version of Safari & Chrome & the Evernote App, the Evernote WebClipper started asking me to login like every 10-15 minutes. It was super-frustrating.
  9. Tanzido, this is exactly what is happening for me, it worked fine on my old Mac two weeks ago, then I got a new MacBook Pro (same OS, same Evernote web clipper) and now I have to sign in constantly. Please let us know if your fix holds. I have been emailing + tweeting with Evernote Support and they said that Evernote Webclipper 6.10.3 is suppose to fix this, but it didn't work for me, problem persists.
  10. I'm having the same issue as mj_cowley and find it super-frustrating I have been using Evernote Web Clipper (I'm a premium member, if that matters) on my 2012 MacBook Air with macOS Sierra, the latest update of Evernote, Safari, and Chrome. With that setup I was only asked to Login to Web Clipper if I restarted my computer. Last week I got a new MacBook Pro and am running macOS Sierra, Evernote Version 6.10 (454267 Direct), Safari Version 10.0.2 (12602., Chrome Version 55.0.2883.95 (64-bit). Now when I am using either Safari or Chrome, I am asked repeatedly to login to Web
  11. I landed here because I'm having the exact same problem and was hoping that others might post a fix. I'm in the process of deleting and reinstalling now. Fingers crossed! And... it worked! thank you thank you thank you!
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