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  1. Maybe it's completely my fault, but I would expect that if I open a note through the widgets EN would download the latest copy first and open that instead of just opening whatever file is locally stored.
  2. Thanks, I was editing a note on my mac, synced on my mac, then I opened the note on my phone without syncing first on my phone causing the local copy on my phone overwrite the work I did on my mac when I synced on my phone Definitely from here on I will be syncing before and after any action on any device. No, it did not trigger any conflicting changes/modifications, and yes while I do realize there is a history feature I can't justify upgrading to premium just for that. Thanks for all your help! I just hope that the next update on iOS will fix this.
  3. I just updated my phone to iOS 10 and installed EN v7.17.1. The app works well if I open notes the conventional way through the app. However, when I tried to access a note by 3D pressing the EN icon then through the widget I didn't realize it at the time, but it opened EN's local version of the note. When I synced I had effectively overwritten the latest version of the note that I synced from my mac. To clarify again, I edited a note on my mac, then opened the same note on my phone through deep pressing the app. After syncing the note on my phone, I found that I lost the work I did on my computer. I couldn't figure out how to submit a ticket, I hope this is the right place. Thanks in advance.
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