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  1. Also agree. I always preach the benefits and power of the Evernote search engine among my clients and discover this has been surprising. That's how I found this lack: I was searching for a car plate license (8827HCB). I did not remember the first numbers, but was sure about the letters, so I looked for HCB with no results. I was sure of having that particular note inside my database!! When at the end I found the note... nothing special suggested me something was bad written or misspelled... No no... Just searching 882 it works, but HCB not. For my total bewilderment, then I did another test. I searched for len and got many notes that contained words like Allen, Length or pollen ... All the notes involved (including the license plate of the car) have been in my database for years and I do not see any apparent technical or syntactic difference in them. I explained the case to Evernote support but they sent me to the well-known advanced syntax page. Moreover. The program does not cheat you because in the search results a legend stays that results... "contain words starting with:". (look the attachment). Starting. Not containing. In conclusion: it does not work properly though it's an essential functionality. Please, Evernote engineers...
  2. Hi Phils, two questions about SureNotifier... 1) What's the difference between SureNotifier and the Personalized digest of activity in my business email option at your Evernote personal settings? 2) Does SureNotifier notifies me about deleted notes. Or... if you prefer... "new notes" on the Trash? Thank you. SureNotifier covers a very important functionality
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