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  1. OK, STOKED about the fact that we can select and format cell colors, widths, etc. Tables are behaving a LOT more like tables in EN. THANK YOU. ISSUES: I'm ok with some cell padding, but I must agree with @JMichaelTX on this one: .05 padding would really help, for two reasons: less than .05 and the look is cluttered = my brain doesn't want to look at this. more than .05 and using it on smaller screens results in a ton of scrolling and wasted screen tapping/mousing. With cells, we generally expect to be able to sort columns at a minimum and freeze rows/columns at a demanding maximum. When can we expect to be able to sort the data we're storing here? Is there any hope at all that formulas will ever be added in so we can really manipulate data without having to leave a note/EN? Macbook Pro, ElCap, Beta 6.12
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