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  1. Hi wanted to bump this thread, also curious how people are saving voice messages to EN? sounds a great idea. I love the idea of keeping doodles, photos, letters etc in EN, but are you concerned about how to move it on to the next media type when EN is no more? A handwritten note may still be readable in 50years time but I doubt a pdf or another file on EN will be in existence.
  2. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm all for paying. If the service is to survive it needs paying customers. Just thinking that perhaps number of devices isn't the best restriction to get people to pay. Like you say, maybe a trial period would be better.
  3. I was actually thinking rather than introducing another tier that they should probably simplify their pricing. Everyone agrees that the 2 device limit is ridiculous, so don't compromise by introducing a Basic+ tier. Perhaps instead EN should show grace and revise the basic tier removing the device limit. And as well as that, simplify the Plus/Premium options and just have one option priced accordingly to access all features (some of which most people probably never go anywhere near anyway). I can't see it happening though, wouldn't want to lose face.
  4. Hi, I feel this might just be an echo of what has already been said before, but I've recently started using Evernote again and having paid for Evernote Plus I wanted to share my point. I understand there's been lot of chat about the changes to the Basic tier etc and I appreciate where those opinions come from. I choose to pay for Plus before these changes came about, my reasons were mainly for the extra capacity and also because I understand that if a product is to survive it needs paying customers and I like EN so happy to pay to use it. One thing however that frustrates me is that even though I have paid a subscription, there's still confusion about what features I can and cannot use, getting constant offers to trial Premium features. Also that button on the left on the Mac client telling me to Go Premium annoys me. Just keep your pricing simple. Of course have a Evernote Basic but perhaps just have one paid for version (but price it accordingly!). As well as simplifying the pricing structure, keep your product simple and focus on being a great note taking app (I've yet to use Work Chat, but I'm sure there's users that use it regularly).
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