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  1. Links to a concrete part of a note. My sugestion is just an improvement in note linking, it would be awesome that the links could actually redirect to a specific part of a note. Sometimes the notes can become very large, specially if there are several contributors. I guess many people keeps writing on the same notes during long periods of time, extending them. Some examples of when would one do this, are for example: A note where you make annotations about a reunion you hold regularly (every week for example). A note where you write your diary. A note where you store funny jokes A note where you store quotes, or interesting websites, etc... Problem: The current note links only allow to link to the note itself, to the beggining of it to be exact. Request: It would be nice to make a link to a concrete piece of text inside the note, to make it more accesible. Like the "id" tag in html language, which leads you to a concrete part of the website by clicking on www.website.com/#idtag Possible solution: The way I would implement this is by making a new type of link which acts like a mirror somehow, connecting two points in two different notes in both directions. Like a button, which could be moved around and treated like regular text, and whenever you press one of them it would lead you to the other one, wherever it is located, and viceversa. Other aplication of this links would be to make an index in the beggining of the note, to the different sections on it.
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