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  1. I'm a long time and a huge user of Evernote. Since the rewrite it has been a nightmare. Yes as it's already said : it's so slow. But not only : UI events are handled in random order, with keystokes handled before mouse clicks, even if you did it the other way. The worse thing I've ever seen in decades of computer usage. The longer the notes are, the worse it is. And some of my notes are really long. It's unbearable. The rythm of new versions is intense, and each time I hope a performance improvment, but no. More features I absolutely don't care about. There are UI changes t
  2. I'm a longtime Evernote Lover. As a Premium user, It's part of my everyday life both professionally and personally. I trust Evernote (or use to) especially for the "your notes are yours" which is especially important and frankly not existant anywhere else on the web. I do trust Google on their technical expertise. They rock. I don't trust them on the privacy side. I'm very, very uncomfortable knowing that they "deep learn" my notes. I don't want that, I don't need that. I'm happy as it is. I don't want to leave Evernote. Do you consider to propose a "Google features free" account lev
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