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  1. + 1 Saved Searches grow in value the more you use and fill Evernote. My En shortcuts are populated by saved searches which largely define my workflow. A huge time saver for an application that has long positioned itself as a productivity tool. See also my Feature Suggestion to have separate Shortcuts for En Business vs En Personal.
  2. @DTLow kudos to you for trying to offer some levity to this discussion. I think it's worth pointing out that whole note/notebook level encryption does have technical and user-interface challenges particularly when you are as cross-platform as Evernote is. In saying this, the move to Google Cloud was prompted in part by getting access to modern backend architecture that will give Evernote more ability to roll out these kinds of features. It's also worth highlighting that the current text-based Encryption isn't entirely secure because synced text that is subsequently encrypted can still be retrieved from note history. I still use this feature to avoid prying eyes. Using best practices for your sensitive data outside of the app as well as inside the app is always the best approach. Encrypted documents within Evernote is also an excellent workaround that ensures your Evernote-saved data is encrypted wherever it lies.
  3. Separate reminder app (eg. if you're an Apple user "Hey Siri, remind me when I get home to check x in Evernote") Then use Shortcuts - which can be a note, a tag, or a Saved Search - my favourite option, and would save the copy/paste option shown above. Use the Mac or Windows client to easily drag a Saved Search into your Shortcuts list.
  4. As a long time Evernote user, subscriber and now ECC I was hoping to find a lively discussion on this topic. Certainly not disappointed but perhaps a little surprised to see that of the 200 million users Evernote has, it's a tiny percentage we see hear voicing their opinions on this move. That alone should motivate Evernote on their decision. I too have been apprehensive about this move. I've always liked that the independence of Evernote was reflected in it's business model that included operating it's own infrastructure. However I care most about Evernote's security and what it does with my data. All the good intentions in the world won't matter if Evernote is not a sustainable business long term. Ultimately without going to visit the data centre and personally introducing yourself to every employee who has anything to do with your data or the hardware it is stored on, you are trusting yourself in Evernote's word that your data is secure and their 3 Laws of Data Protection are being followed. The move to Google does not change this in any way. We are still relying on Evernote to keep their word. What's important is that Evernote understands their users care about this, and that we hand over our money to Evernote because of this distinction. Long term, Evernote needs to improve their platform. I've been a victim first-hand of the oftentimes slow progress that has been made in the Evernote featureset and more importantly the disparity between features across Evernote on different operating systems. Evernote needs to focus now more than ever on improving the features AND security of its offering. By their own admission this step allows this - so count me cautiously optimistic on the future Evernote.
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