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  1. I've just upgraded evernote to 7.1 and all of a sudden the search bar doesn't display anywhere close to the results I used to draw with the same searches. It's definitely broken because if I type in a single letter, "i" for example, I get 2 notes that pop up (funny enough always the same 2 notes). Please fix this as this is my main way to access notes!
  2. I'm trying the AppCleaner now... fingers crossed. And believe me I've spent hours trying to get this thing reinstalled, and I've tried restarting and emptying the trash a bunch of times. computer restarted... trash emptied... computer restarted again... fresh version downloaded (i'm not taking any chances on this one). Evernote unzipped, reinstalled, log in and.... YESS! IT WORKED! THANK YOU *kisses face* THANK YOU APP CLEANER *begins sobbing from joy*
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