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  1. Another +1 for this working better; it's a constant frustration to type an abbreviation like mds and have it correct to mrs _after_ i leave the word, and then for evernote to practically insist that i do not really mean mds. turning off auto-correct per-note does not work for me as 1) that's tedious and 2) i do actually want it to correct real mispelings ( <-- like that one). Word used to have a second setting to automatically correct common things like teh or hsa for you, if you were prone to those; this was customizable from the user end like a customizable dictionary, and I found it highly useful. Not useful enough to go back in time and look for it, haha. Summary: please, please, a global setting for turning off auto-correct my spelling, for the entire app, in its various iterations. Which, given my day job, means that I understand that this will require lots of code changes. Sorry about that...
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