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  1. I too would like to hide the Note List. Please let us disappear this piece of clutter and waste of real estate. In general, the person who said we need this is overestimating the frequency at which many of us move from note to note. As far as navigation goes, I use the star/favorites menu to access the handful of notes I use frequently at any given time. When I want to find something else, there are various ways.
  2. Please, please allow us to reassign keyboard shortcuts. I use indenting and strikethrough all the time. Both use three-key combinations that don't match what my other writing programs use. Please let me change these to combinations I don't have to look up every time! (And while on the subject, why is your text formatting menu so meager? These are both pretty standard commands—e.g., they're both in the comment text menu above. Why are you making us work so hard?)
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