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  1. I would make a dance out of joy for that! Besides not being able to apply simple formatting to a text , I find the lack of this feature annoying enough to move away from Evernote (again). When I want to look into my private stack, or archive, I'll look on my phone or on the web client. I just want my Job stack on this computer and have that synced (and searchable) with the main evernote-install, nothing more
  2. Installed Evernote om my clean home directory with my new employer and this flooded it with 1,9Gb of data I use Evernote since 2009 and am a Premium-user on and off, so there are a lot of notes and attachments in my stack of notes. I find it very hard to swallow that I can tell on my mobile devices to sync specific stacks but not on my desktop client. Please add a possibility to add a new stack on my local Evernote that I can sync to the cloud and to my homedevices, where the other notes live, without syncing all the private and historical notes back on my freshly installed Evernote
  3. This is a big bummer! A lot of us are in big corps and don't have anything to say on which ms version we must use. Shame on you Evernote. It looks like you keep giving us the finger. A big raise in the premiumaccounts and no more support for outlook 2007, what's next in the hat for us?
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