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  1. In new Evernote, Advanced Searched Criteria are not being saved. When search for the following: notebook:Test tag:test1 -tag:test2 The search correctly display. However, when this is turned into a saved search, the logic breaks. The "-tag:test2" is not supported or something and causes the entire Saved Search to fail.
  2. I like the concept of "Tasks", but a lot of my "to-dos" are currently notes. Or, if not, they often reference other notes in my Evernote account. When Evernote app links to notes are copied, the URL of the note should nest inside of the body of the task, just like how it works within the rest of Evernote. Would help make tasks more usable by integrating them more thoroughly within the rest of Evernote architecture.
  3. Used to be able to choose whether to turn a screen shot into a new note or copy to clipboard (by holding CTRL). This feature seems to have disappeared, making the screenshot tool not too useful for me anymore. Please allow modifiable hotkeys! Not just global. Very crucial for a fast notetaking experience.
  4. 1) Ensure that "Show Upcoming Reminders" is selected in Tools>Options>Reminders 2) Select any notebook (or All Notes) and change the view to either Snippet View, Card View or Thumbnail View 3) Or, create a Saved Search like @DTLow suggests and perhaps include the Column "Reminder Time" and sort by it earliest to oldest and then tick the view setting "Always use for Saved Search..."
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