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  1. If I want to hide certain information written in my notes, - Or indeed the whole note, for simplicity's sake - there doesn't seem to be a way to do it! ? I know you can encrypt chunks of text, but it appears these have to be all in one paragraph... what if I want to keep the format of my paragraphs? If it's long text I'd have to go through all of it taking all the paragraphs out?? I could hide notes entirely - retrieveable by password - but this doesn't seem to be available either! That's pretty bad isn't it? I'm not talking about hiding information from hackers, more from prying eyes. Or in case someone steals my computer etc.
  2. I created some Notes with photos on a visit to the Tate Gallery. I accidentally used NOTES on my iphone rather than the Evernote app, so I now want to transfer these notes, with their many photos, into notes in Evernote, and delete them from my NOTES app in my iphone. However, when I Select all - Copy and Paste into an Evernote Note, all the photos turn sideways, which is really annoying. There are too many photos to individually rotate once within Evernote. How can I stop Evernote from doing this. In my Notes app, the photos are all how I want them. If I try to email the whole Note to my Evernote, my mail programme says they're too large. Thanks
  3. for an evernote employee (?) I don't find that answer particularly helpful at all. Deeply unhelpful, in fact. Obviously I understand you can't provide for third party devices. But perhaps you can answer what I'm trying to get to the bottom of: DOES a wacom intuos pro work on a desktop mac with Evernote? This guy is using a bamboo wacom pen on a mac, but he is able to open an "Ink Note", why can't I? Perhaps you could also tell me about Skitch, and point out that it is being phased out, which after extensive googling I found out after posting these to the forum? Should I use skitch or not? Can you point me to a single decent tutorial showing me how to handwrite , starting from an evernote note, on a mac????
  4. Here's an idea: why not make things a little simpler so I dont have to spend an hour of my saturday evening trying to work out whether I can, or cannot, use my wacom pen with my desktop version of Evernote on my mac. This is driving me mad. Why can't I do it? Do I need Skitch or don't I? Why cant I just pick up my wacom pen and selct the pen option like I can in IOS? (Except I can't because I hate all the available pens for IOS) I can't find any simple instructions of how to get Skitch to work with evernote either. Everything I come across on youtube seems to have different options to my version. If I try and grab an image by opening Skitch separately, it just takes a screenshot of my empty skitch app? BAD MOOD!
  5. Can you tell me if there is a lined note feature yet? When handwriting notes in lectures I want to be able to have some feint lines to guide the size of my handwriting (on my ipad with stylus) . THanks
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