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  1. Okay, well, I never really expected to make much headway in getting the former functionality restored. You're telling me that the ability to look at notes offline has never been a feature, but for 3 1/2 years I've accessed every single one of my notes, which number (pause while I look it up) 131 in total, while offline. Now I can't. The message "Can't access offline" was brand new about two weeks ago, never seen before by me, in 3.5 years of use. Furthermore, I vaguely remember a number of push notifications from Evernote coming in the past month or so, urging me to upgrade for
  2. I failed to communicate precisely. Evernote either removed my notes that were stored on my device, or removed my ability to access the notes that are still stored on my device. Remember, I formerly could access my notes without any internet access whatsoever (verified approximately four times a month at 35,000' over the Pacific Ocean since January of 2013). [ <=== I just looked up the date of my oldest note. ] Limited memory on their devices and don't want them stored locally? LOL. What is the size of each text file - 5kb, maybe? Bottom line: For 3 1/2 years I coul
  3. I find that VERY difficult to believe as I have been using my notes offline, on my mobile device, for months and months and months, ever since I got the app. So, of course they existed as files on the device. Only on my most recent flight did I discover - SURPRISE - that my notes were no longer accessible offline. Furthermore, no, the notes weren't "downloaded to the mobile device", the notes were originated on the mobile device. So either Evernote took my notes off of my device, or Evernote changed the app to block access to my notes, that are still there on my device, if the dev
  4. Okay, I've been using Evernote for quite some time, I have dozens and dozens of lists on it, and I am quite frequently not connected to the internet (I fly planes for a living). So, I go to access my notes while over the Pacific, and it says "No Internet Connection", and come to find out that I have to upgrade and pay THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS A YEAR to access MY notes that exist on MY device? Seriously? I mean, I just want to make sure I have my facts straight, and that I haven't somehow misinterpreted or clicked on the wrong thing before my head explodes. If I am wrong, if I c
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