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  1. Well, I guess I can't attach the second image even in a second reply, but when "Show Tag List" is clicked it toggles to "Hide Tag List" and my full tag list appears in the sidebar. Thanks again! Is the upload limit per thread?
  2. Thank you for your quick reply - very much appreciated! I was sure that tags were checked in my sidebar options menu, but I took another look - and tags are checked. Then I looked a little closer ... and saw that the EN view sidebar options menu on my iMac (Late 2015 21.5") is a little different: checking tags in not enough, it requires a second toggle (Show Tag List) to, well, show the tag list - please see below. I'll send the after image in a moment - second attachment would exceed size limit. So thank you so much for getting me to the right place! Big relief - 10Q!!
  3. I downloaded EN today (to both my iMac and my iPhone) and spent a chunk of the afternoon setting up the structure of my EN notebooks and tags following the TSW-GTD approach. It quickly became apparent that what I was seeing on my screen did not align with what was shown on TSW. So, I upgraded to EN Plus thinking that the basic version was simply missing some of the features. No change, but I muddled on ... Then I forwarded a few emails to my EN, got them in the appropriate notebook and tried to start applying tags to get my notes into my TSW structure. Using an organized notebook and tag structure is not just a TSW approach - it's also one recommended by EN at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209006097: But I discovered that I can't simply drag notes onto the appropriate tags - in fact, I can't even see my reusable tag structure when I'm looking at my notes. If I click on tags, I can see my reusable tag structure, but then I can't see my notes. I know I can open a note (tediously, one at a time) and "click to add tags," but (again) I can't see my reusable tag structure. I can't believe that it can be this difficult to follow EN's own advice to create a logical notebook structure & define a set of reusable tags. I've spent hours this afternoon and evening on EN's various help & learning pages trying to figure out how to resolve this issue, but to no avail. I make no claim to being a tech genius, but I can usually grasp new apps and programs quickly, without undue time referencing help, and quickly becoming productive. But, this evening, I confess to feeling like a right idiot. I'd be very grateful for any guidance. Thanks!
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