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  1. OK. So in your script, I changed "export theNotes to fileBackup format HTML" to "export theNotes to fileBackup format ENEX" And in "set fileBackup to "/Users/DTLow/Desktop/test" I changed test to Newest-Note.enex. That makes it so I can import that to Apple Notes. One last question (I hope🌞) what would I have to do so the file-name.enex was today's date & time instead of Newest-Note?
  2. Attached is a screenshot of the original note then what the script output is. Can I export from the script as ENEX? THE BEST HAM SALAD - The Country Cook.html
  3. A continued Thanks for your help. The script compiled. I clipped a new page and ran the script. The results were not as expected. Might this be possible because I have Evernote 7.14? I'm pretty certain I can grab an older copy of EN from a backup.
  4. When I try to compile this script I get an error. (screenshot attached) It happens on the third line with "theNote"
  5. @tokeriis You can just export your EN notebooks individually and then import them to Keep It.
  6. Couldn’t find anything in the forums. Just wondering if anyone has something like in the title they’d be willing to share.
  7. I am not very good with Applescript. Wonder if someone has an Applescript which will export the very last note created as an .enex file?
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