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  1. I disliked Evernote 10 web-like app so much I don't even want them messing around so much anymore... I hope Legacy keep working for quite some time, until EN10 is as good as before (or even better) or I have time to switch to another service - probably Obsidian.
  2. I've been using Obsidian for the last week and enjoying it a lot, but there're Evernote key features missing, like print preview, which I use a lot. Sadly, I got really addicted to using [[wikilinks]], a feature missing in Evernote; I also miss backlinks; if EN had them both, it would be awesome. Sadly I guess it will never happen. EDIT: now I see Evernote got rid of print preview. WHY? I'll completely switch to Obsidian if Legacy is gone.
  3. Installing it is a instant regret. Interface is too cluttered, tags are hidden and don't have a page anymore, keyboard shortcuts are a mess etc. It doesn't look like a beta, even, but an alpha at best. I'm coming back to 6.25.
  4. It's been 10 years since the initial request. Is Evernote abandonware? I don't want a swiss knife as Notion, but there's some core features still missing in Evernote, like outlining, lines and paragraph spacing etc.
  5. Jesus, this just... works. Thank you. I was, for a long time, removing formatting then adjusting the note manually. I never tried your method before because I thought copying the note would also copy the messy formatting. Now I can use Evernote web clipper in Chrome again. I need to say it's an issue with "newer" web clipper versions. Opera webclipper is still in 6.13.2 version (from January 2018) and it saves the articles perfectly. Even Firefox is saving them messy since last months. Evernote just doesn't care about this, so the only way to make webclipper useful is with this workaround. EDIT: it still saves font as PT Serif 12; so it's not perfect, but it's way better than messy formatting
  6. Opera webclip still works fine, but Chrome is still messy after so many years. To make things worse, even Firefox is messy now. What's happening?
  7. You never help and for years you're cluttering this topic. Please stop. Line spacing is important. If I didn't want word processing for my notes, I would Simplenote.
  8. Because Evernote doesn't support line spacing, I'm stuck to Open Sans font. All other sans font that I like have cluttered lines, killing readability. But Open Sans has a issue on Evernote, which is Evernote's really bad printing quality - there's almost no bold. I can't understand why the Evernote team doesn't hear its community; this is a REALLY OLD request. I love how I can organize all my notes, but it's lacking some fundamental stuff and I can't understand why.
  9. I wish it has an option to bold lists' titles in Fragment View just like notebooks' titles on the left panel. Actually, it would be better to adjust its font, but it seems like asking too much... Does anyone know a workaround? I am reading the forums for days and I can't find anything.
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