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  1. So if I'm getting this right, my friendly neighborhood supermarket wants me to live in a transparent house so they can check the contents of my fridge and, based on that, give me this super awesome deal that they're not ready to say what yet. I don't even have to do anything because apparently they already opted me in by default since I shopped there. How convenient! I'm feeling a little uncomfortable though. But hey, I can opt out, right? Right! But only from the super advanced robot that they're making. Their super friendly human employees can still check in on my now opted-out, non-transparent house and check my fridge personally. This might sound like a gross over simplification but I can tell you that this is how most people are reading it. There's an irrational fear in being known or unraveled in humans and no amount of saying "We only do it with your permission" will change their minds after you presented the idea that you will be (actively or otherwise) looking into them. The fact that you're opting everyone in automatically doesn't help. I don't have much sensitive, or damning, or personal stuff in my account but imagine the ones that do. People won't care if your employees are unfeeling robots that won't care about the content they see. People simply don't want other people to see what's in their head. And this update doesn't exactly help to strengthen the trust people have put on you.
  2. Wow thanks for this. Still have to check it out but looks like this would do well. Or at least make it easier than working with the element inspector. Thanks again!
  3. Will there ever be a feature that would let us fully format a note? Like an HTML editor alongside the WYSIWYG. I've been trying to get into Evernote for months but always end up backing away because formatting is a pain. I've been using the web version of Evernote to format articles saved using the web clipper. Browser's Element Inspector works surprisingly well for trying to get those elements to line up right and removing whitespaces because you have to admit, almost all (if not all) articles saved using the web clipper ends up having awful whitespaces and misaligned texts. And even that is still a pain. Forget the fact that we have to deal with the Element Inspector. Lots of times the web version would refresh and would save multiple copies of the same article I'm formatting. So yeah, I was wondering if this would ever be a thing?
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