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  1. found this and it looks like it has potential. Just sharing https://productivityist.com/journaling-with-evernote/
  2. I have wanted to suggest this for ages. Basically, just make the search easier and faster to reach. It sounds super basic, I wondered why it hasn't appeared yet. Right now, I have to 1.) click on the elephant icon in the toolbar 2.) click on the gear (settings) 3.) Navigate to find in Evernote... Then evernote opens and then I have to : 4.) Click on the search field, 5. )Only THEN, can I enter search parameters. TOO LONG!!! Can you guys just put a search button in the app toolbar icon? you have so much space next to the clipping and recording icons (which I personally never use) then have a search window open right there , so after I enter parameters and hit enter, the App opens with the search results? Hope that helps!
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